How to Do Nitailekhan?

Airwrite, visualize, and sing Nitainam for Harinam-ruchi

In Short:

👆👁 🗣 Write in the air with your fingertip and visualize each of the 10 Devanagari strokes of “निताइ” (Nitainam) one by one. Sing or hum “Nitai” 4 times as you draw each stroke.

Remember Nitailekhan is complementary and not a replacement to Harinam. You can do it before or after Harinam to feel the rasa in the Hare Krishna mahamantra. Watch a one minute video below on how to do it:

N न + i ि + t त + a ा + i इ

Nitainam = 5 Syllables = 10 Writing Strokes in Devanagari

These 10 Strokes Remove the 10 Offenses in Harinam.

“Ni” means;
“Take Me”
“Tai” implies;
“As Yours”

“Ni” means;
“Tai” implies;
“Harinam-ruchi” or
“Your Siddha-deha”

How to do Nitailekhan is explained in detail below:

Nitailekhan = Namlekhan + Namdhyan + Namkirtan

👆 1. Namlekhan (Airwriting): Write the 10 strokes of “निताइ” (Nitainam in Devanagari) one by one in the air on the top of each other with your fingertip. Your arm or elbow can rest on your knee, lap, or a chair handle if needed, as shown in the postures’ slide below. The writing sequence of these 10 strokes is shown by the arrows and numbers below. It is very easy to learn and remember simply by seeing or doing it a few times.

👁 2. Namdhyan (Visualizing): As you are writing each stroke with your eyes closed, minutely visualize in your mind the shape of that stroke, which remains in your mind’s sensory memory as it is being written. This happens due to the Sparkler’s trail effect and the persistence of vision. Alternatively, you can keep your eyes open when you are writing and visualize the shape of each stroke in the air in front of you, instead of in the mind, while looking at it being written in the air. This is shown in the second posture below.

🗣🎵 3. Namkirtan (Singing): In synergy with this Namdhyan visualization, sing, hum, or hear “Nitai” Nam four times while you draw each stroke, as shown in the above video. If singing, hearing, and airwriting is not possible, you may silently draw Nitainam on your lap with your fingertip instead of in the air, and visualize each stroke one by one.

🔄 Repeat as per your desire and comfort to awaken Harinam-ruchi. Hear or sing Nitailila to remember those pastimes later when you do Nitailekhan and Harinam.

Nitalekhan Forms

Nitailekhan Postures